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IPA: ED overcrowding contributes to preventable deaths and injuries

IPA: ED overcrowding contributes to preventable deaths and injuries

ED Overcrowding contributes to preventable deaths and injuries in our Hospitals and  Communities.

In the meantime everything that can be done must be done to protect patients and front line staff. 

We have unconfirmed reports that some public patients have not seen a Consultant in the past 7/8 days,  and the HSE needs to confirm that all public patients have been seen regularly by consultants over the past 7 days. 

A further concern is that we have been informed that some Junior Doctors are reviewing patients and are not clinically competent to discharge patients. The HSE needs to confirm that this is not happening and also publish the current readmission rates in real time.

The HSE needs to advise that all patients are discharged from Hospital by appropriate competent people. We have copied the HSE Chief Operations Officer, Chief Clinical Officer and the Doctors regulator the Medical Council of Ireland and the Minister's Office in our press statements.

Finally, we believe it appropriate that the Chairperson  of the Board of the HSE should make a statement to the patients and staff who have been suffering, especially in the light of the HSEs own Executive Management Teams declaring the current situation a Crisis.



Change and Reform in our healthcare systems should not be preceded by preventable funerals and injury to patients

Vicki Phelan


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